Modern reporting solutions facilitate everyday life

Knowledge-based management may sound like an empty phrase, but it is vital in the world of procurement. We cannot serve our customers if we do not know what they need. Over the years, we have collected a massive pool of data on joint procurement. Now we use the data for a variety of purposes.

The most important source of data are reports from our suppliers. We are about to introduce a new system for Hansel’s reporting services. We want more detailed data on the purchases made by our customers to manage procurement. We will drill down to the product level in the case of most of the procurement processes. We need specific information to know our customers and to be able to create procurement processes that suit their requirements.

Diligent professionals

All of this requires modern technology and competent controllers and analysts. We have been using our BI solution for a long time, and it has become very popular among our experts. Only having correct information in it is a matter of honour for us. If we cannot trust the data, it is useless to us.

The fact that a large number of reports has been generated in the system over the course of the year is a minor problem. New reports can be requested from the analysts at any time, but only rarely does somebody point out that a specific report has become useless. In 2020, we will clean up the reports while we transfer to a new version of BI.

Via our online service, our customers can view interesting information about their procurement processes, and we provide information on public procurement for anyone interested to see it in the service. At the end of 2019, we received good news: Helsinki and Vantaa joined the service. We will be happy to continue with the commissioning of the service with other towns and municipalities in 2020.

Hansel involved in Tietokiri

Governmental organisations developed knowledge-based management through the Tietokiri project in 2017–2019. The goals were to develop tools, share good practices, promote openness of administration and share experiences. Hansel provided case descriptions and weekly figures on the management of procurement for the Tietokiri website and participated in event arrangements. Decisions will be better if they are based on an analysis of varied information of a high quality. Tietokiri’s first phase focused on changing the operating culture and understanding the bigger picture. A continuation project to be realised in 2020–2021 will strengthen the operating models and boost the utilisation of the services offered.