KEINO promotes sustainability

The network-based Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement (the KEINO Competence Centre) continued its work in 2019. KEINO supports and assists central purchasing bodies in the implementation and development of sustainable and innovative public procurement. Hansel and KL-Kuntahankinnat are founding members of the network. The network has been active throughout the year.

In addition to Hansel, the network includes Motiva Ltd., Business Finland Oy, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Hansel offers the network procurement process expertise and practical know-how on procurement development and sustainable and innovative procurement. In 2019, experts from all corners of Hansel, ranging from lawyers and development managers to consultants and analysts, participated in the KEINO work.

KEINO Academy

KEINO aims to improve knowledge in sustainable and innovative procurement in the entire field of public procurement. The KEINO Academy was established to serve this goal. The KEINO Academy trains central purchasing bodies in ensuring that their procurement operations support the organisation’s innovativeness and sustainability goals. A total of 27 trailblazing public authority organisations were selected for the popular training programme. In the KEINO Academy, the participants work on their development areas with the help of the KEINO network and peer learning.

Hansel acts as a trainer in strategic management and innovative procurement in the KEINO Academy.

Procurement Radar

Procurement Radar, a procurement tool developed by Hansel, is being piloted in connection with the KEINO Academy. Procurement Radar supports and guides the operational procurement of contracting authorities on their path towards the goal specified in the organisation’s strategy. With Procurement Radar, organisations can create procurement policies based on their strategy and prioritise their procurement categories. The tool, which is based on scenarios, allows the users to identify the interventions that are the most effective from the viewpoint of the organisation’s strategy, and to determine related responsibilities and schedules.

Development teams and international cooperation

In 2019, KEINO brought together central purchasing bodies faced with similar challenges involving sustainable and innovative procurement processes. Hansel facilitated the development teams’ work on socially responsible procurement, procurement in the health care and social services sector, and modern, agile meeting and event administration. The development teams have become a popular forum for peer learning and sharing information.

International cooperation through KEINO was versatile in 2019. Benchmarking of international trailblazing organisations allowed Finnish public administration to benefit from their best practices. Furthermore, Hansel’s experts participated in the boosting of regional expertise by supporting KEINO change agents who distribute information throughout Finland.

Hansel also expects the work through KEINO to be active, versatile and effective in 2020.

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