Active cooperation guarantees viable practices

In Hansel’s joint procurement projects, the procurement value is usually considerable. Hence, social effectiveness of these procurement projects is significant, and goals other than those related to procurement quality and the limiting of costs are set for such projects.

Public procurement can influence sustainable development, functionality of the market, the status of SMEs, the safeguarding of regional vitality, and the promotion of innovation and employment, among other issues. Combining all of these goals in a procurement project is not always simple. For example, if the procurement involves consulting services, environmental responsibility does not have as large an impact as in the case of the procurement of vehicles.

Based on customer requirements and market knowledge

An important tool in the planning of joint procurement is a comprehensive analysis of customer requirements and the supplier market. Active cooperation with customers during the agreement period and allowing customer working groups to participate in the preparation of the tendering aims to ensure that the agreement will be functional from the customer’s standpoint. Meanwhile, market surveys and interaction with the market ensure that the definition of the procurement object complies with the products and services on the market and that requirements on the prospective suppliers are set at the correct level.

“The service level and the development of service quality can be influenced through collaboration.”

Active cooperation with Hansel’s customers and suppliers during the agreement period ensures good quality and development of the procured products, as well as compliance with the specified supplier requirements. Especially in the case of joint procurement projects for continuing services, the customer working group will continue its work throughout the agreement period so that the service level and the development of service quality can be influenced through collaboration.

Performance of suppliers and compliance with contractual obligations are monitored through supplier reporting, control room services and regular supplier meetings. At the supplier meetings, Hansel’s category managers receive valuable new information on the development of the industry. They can take this information into account when planning new procurement processes.