Compliance function secures reliability

Public procurement tendering and maintenance of procurement agreements form the core of Hansel’s operations. For instance, the company’s operations have a significant impact on the use of public funds. The operations require transparency, objectivity and impartiality. People trust Hansel, and in addition to compliance with legislation, operations worthy of this trust require high ethical standards.

To ensure the high level of ethics and compliance, Hansel established a compliance function in 2019. The establishment of the function was based on a risk analysis which aimed to identify the most significant risks inherent to Hansel’s operations. When establishing the function, Hansel’s code of ethics was renewed, disqualifications and instructions on publicity practices were reviewed, instructions on HR matters and financial administration were prepared and updated, and instructions on business operations and hospitality practices were updated.

Ethics are weighed every day

All Hansel employees are obligated to ensure compliance with the company’s high ethical standards. Supervisors are obligated to ensure that the employees are familiar with the instructions and act accordingly. The management is obligated to set an example and verify that the business goals enable operations in compliance with the company’s high ethical standards. A team was established for the function of supporting the work on ethics and compliance, verify the competence of supervisors and employees, and investigate any cases of professional negligence. In addition to reporting it to your supervisor, professional negligence can also be reported through an anonymous reporting channel.

“In addition to compliance with legislation, high ethical standards generate trust.”

During the establishment of the function, the employees were interviewed, a workshop was arranged for the supervisors and training events were arranged for all employees to review the significance of ethics and the general procedures. Furthermore, the updated instructions, roles and responsibilities have been reviewed at unit meetings. Business principles have been published in Hansel’s online service to present the starting points of ethical operations to the stakeholders.

Read more about Hansel’s business principles on our website. (in Finnish)