Busy year of joint procurement

A new era of joint procurement began in 2019. Due to new legal practice on public procurement, customers had to join a framework agreement before the publication of the procurement notice, as well as assess and report the value of the acquisitions they would make through the agreement. Furthermore, a legislative amendment that entered into force at the beginning of the year brought plenty of new customers to Hansel. This further increased the significance of a comprehensive survey of customer requirements and interaction with the market.

To allow its customers ample time to make a decision to join, Hansel published the tendering processes to be performed in 2019 and 2020 in its online service in June 2019.

Hansel launched seven new framework agreement tendering processes for the new customers: a procurement lifecycle service, food products, office supplies, cleaning supplies, an electricity and portfolio management service, leasing services and teleoperator services.

“The customers received the tendering processes well – 650 of our new customers joined the framework agreements.”

Despite the tight schedule and the changed operating models due to the new legal practice, the customers received the tendering processes well – 650 of our new customers joined the framework agreements. The total value of the agreements is €150 million per year. Hansel also began two tendering processes aimed at the public administration as a whole (vehicle servicing and train travel services), as well as three tendering processes for government agency customers (recruitment services, VIRVE terminal devices and chartered vehicle services).

Several new suppliers

Furthermore, eight dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) for a range of products and services were launched over the course of the year. These included auditing services and internal audits, data communications, IT hardware, storage and backup devices, construction, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity and automation supplies, office furniture, as well as software robotics and artificial intelligence.

The DPSs clearly increased the number of Hansel’s contractual suppliers. There were a total of 478 suppliers at the end of the year, 223 of them (47%) SMEs. The suppliers had more than 4,300 subcontractors.

In addition to the joint procurement processes, a small-scale acquisition service for procurement remaining below the national threshold value of IT consulting, office furniture and iOS/MacOS hardware was launched over the course of the year.