Procurement experts assist customers

Our customers receive assistance from the experts in minicompetitions during joint procurement and their own tendering. In addition to the tendering experts, our good service is guaranteed by our customer service team, which quickly answers customers’ questions regarding any of our services.

Procurement support is skilled in tendering

Each day, the ten experts in the procurement support unit review and comment on, free of charge, the materials of our customers’ minicompetitions based on framework agreements. If the customer is short on resources or time, they can also purchase the entire minicompetition as a service subject to a charge, called MinikisaPlus. In 2019, we realised 75 MinikisaPlus tendering projects (compared to 53 in 2018), for which we charged a total of €170,000 (€153,000 in 2018).

As was expected, the addition of regional authorities to our clientele and the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) as a new operating model have increased the number of support requests we receive. In 2019, our customers were using a total of 12 DPSs. Most MinikisaPlus assignments were realised as competition based on a framework agreement in the scope of a DPS for occupational health care services 2018–2024.

We arranged several joint procurement project-based minicompetition clinics to support our customers over the course of the year. The clinics aim to assist customers both in realising successful minicompetitions themselves and in learning how to use the templates we have prepared. Due to the positive feedback we received on the clinics, we will also continue arranging them in the future.

Experts involved in the tendering processes of customers

In 2019, Hansel’s experts were involved in the implementation of several large-scale customer-specific tendering processes. A total of 188 customer-specific tendering projects were implemented, corresponding to well over €600 million when measured by the value of the agreements. More than 1,700 person-days of expert assistance were provided in these projects. The volume increased by less than ten per cent from the previous year.

Objects of the customer-specific tendering projects range from extensive data systems to the procurement of specific hardware or services. Tendering service customer satisfaction remained high, as in the previous years (overall satisfaction 4.6/5).

Customer service is there to assist customers

Our customer service team assists our customers and our contractual suppliers in any and all questions regarding our services. Chat has become our most popular service channel. The customer service received significantly more emails than in the previous year, while the number of telephone calls decreased. In the autumn of 2019, our customer service ensured that our regional authority customers were able to begin using our services smoothly. In practice, this meant assisting customers in registering on our online service and participation in customer surveys of regional authority organisations, for example.


2,388 answered calls, 1,968 chats, 2,259 replied emails