Combining Finnish public procurement power

The merger of Hansel and KL-Kuntahankinnat was diligently prepared by nine integration teams. Each team focused on a specific aspect involving a specific service or support function, and there were representatives from both companies. On the basis of the work done by the teams, the companies’ Executive Committees and Boards prepared an integration strategy for 2019–2023.


Mission: Productivity in public administration through procurement; Values: Responsible expert, efficient partner; Vision: Combining Finnish public procurement power


The most important goal for the next few years is creating standardised principles to serve the entire Finnish public administration and means to optimally benefit from the combination of the procurement powers. Strategic policies cover five priorities: excellent service experience; a comprehensive service portfolio; setting an example; competence and job satisfaction; as well as responsibility as the core.

Excellent service experience

Hansel’s service portfolio and clientele are both extensive. In order to meet our customers’ requirements and develop our supplier cooperation, we must effectively utilise the opportunities provided by digitisation. Securing an excellent user experience is one of the key aspects in all of our online service development projects. We aim to renew the digital procurement ecosystem.

Our customers are closely involved in the development of our services, and we are engaged in systematic and open cooperation. To improve public procurement, we and our customers utilise the analysis services we provide. They assist in the management of procurement operations.

Comprehensive service portfolio

Joint procurement is at the core of our service portfolio. Joint procurement covers all products and services with high demand for which the customers have similar requirements. We also conduct conscious experiments involving new areas, such as our recent dynamic purchasing system (DPS), which utilises artificial intelligence. We aim to significantly increase the utilisation rate of our agreements and boost the advance commitment of our customers to joint procurement projects.

Our tendering services support our customers in their own procurement projects. We also offer procurement development services to assist our customers and reform their operating methods. We will moderately increase the supply of these services.

Setting an example

To ensure effective operations during the change, we must have efficient and clear core processes. We want to continuously renew ourselves, however, and we are making our operating models more flexible. We use digital operating models whenever possible.

High ethics and compliance under all circumstances are absolute requirements for our success in this industry. We have a compliance function, and ethical aspects have a major role in employee orientation.

Competence and job satisfaction

Hansel has an extremely high level of public procurement expertise, and we want to be the most attractive employer in the industry. We support cooperation between our experts and the sharing of information with a strong value base and an open and inclusive work culture.

A key aspect in terms of job satisfaction is the support we provide for the proper balance of work and leisure. Flexible means of working allow the employees to be efficient on their own terms. We lead by enabling and coaching.

Responsibility as the core

As a large contracting entity, we want to be a trailblazer in responsible and effective procurement. Our operations boost the profitability of public administration, and we are continuously increasing the level of transparency in public procurement. Healthy competition and attractiveness of public procurement from the perspective of supplier companies are important for us.

We assess the responsibility of all our service areas, as well as our own operations. In addition to our financial, social and environmental responsibility goals, we also promote innovative procurement.