Materiality assessment

Our operating environment experienced a significant change in the autumn of 2019 due to reorganisation of the company and its ownership. We therefore felt that it was time to update the materiality matrix that guides our responsibility work. As an aid in this work, we used a third-party expert who facilitated our process and interviewed our stakeholders to determine the key aspects in the responsibility of procurement.

This work took place at an interesting time, as our regional authority customers had only recently begun to benefit from our services. Representatives of the regional authorities were included in the stakeholder interviews to voice their expectations. The increased focus on responsibility could also be seen in the new Government Programme, which in part challenges us to develop our practices even more forcefully.

As the basis for this work, we compiled a long list of materiality aspects, and arranged workshops to trim the list down into the most significant responsibility themes. The responsibility working group submitted a proposal on a new materiality matrix to the company’s Executive Committee, which approved it on 8 October 2019. A total of nine aspects were selected for the final materiality matrix. Click on the balls in the matrix for more information.