Hansel employees act as responsibility ambassadors

In accordance with our strategy, Hansel has Finland’s best expertise in public procurement. We also want to be a trailblazer in responsible and effective procurement. Our experts therefore share their knowledge and viable practices by giving several lectures each year.

In 2019, Hansel employees visited HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd., stakeholder events and our customer organisations, among others, to talk about data protection in procurement, analysis of procurement data, offers and agreements, as well as to provide examples of joint procurement.

The responsibility aspect has been strongly emphasised in the lectures of the Hansel employees. Information on the openness of administration and the procurement data available at Tutkihankintoja.fi has been provided in the European Parliament and in Finnish forums. A visitor lecture in Aalto University Executive Education focused on responsibility from the viewpoint of joint procurement. In addition, our energy consumption and energy market experts have talked about the responsible options provided by our agreements at discussion events of the industry.

Hansel’s procurement experts have spoken during each module of the KEINO Academy. It is a six-month development programme arranged by the KEINO Competence Centre where representatives from 27 public administration organisations familiarise themselves with management of the effectiveness of procurement.