Travel ABC event was full of information, joy and encounters

Travel ABC brought together experts and service providers of travel and meeting services on 12 March 2019. The themed day offered the customers a hefty package of information on joint procurement agreements in the industry and news from travel administration.

Almost 200 travel and event administration experts and a large number of contractual suppliers from all parts of Finland, and a couple also from abroad, attended the event.

In addition to getting to know the exhibitors, Travel ABC was centred around presenting development projects, networking and sharing good practices.

Event moderators were Hansel’s Category Managers Pia Degerholm and Minna Isoherranen.

“We aimed to offer the participants information, inspiration and the opportunity to get to know the suppliers and their colleagues from other organisations. We succeeded in this endeavour. The customers praised the warm atmosphere of the event, which was deemed a result of the close cooperation between Hansel’s travel and meeting services and a variety of parties,” states Isoherranen.

Experts took the floor to speak about security, responsibility and digital development, among other subjects. Hansel’s contractual travel agencies opened up mobile clinics at the event where the participants could familiarise themselves with the world of mobile booking.

Effective workshops

In addition to listening to speeches, the participants were able to ponder responsibility matters and the development of travel, meeting and event administration in workshops led by Hansel’s experts. The fast-paced workshops were popular, and discussions were lively.

Mika Hänninen, Hansel’s Development Manager, led a workshop on meeting and event administration.

“The team was very energetic and there were lots of ideas and new ways of thinking,” Hänninen praised the participants.

Discussion themes emphasised comprehensive support of event administration in the organisations, the sharing of viable practices and the transparency of operations. The possibility to utilise the opportunities provided by new technologies and networking were also deemed important.

Networking was also raised as one of the day’s leading themes in other discussions, and cooperation has remained active after the springtime event.

“Travel ABC has a Yammer group where people discuss matters concerning joint procurement agreements and travel, meeting and event administration in a positive spirit. We arrange events on travel, meeting and event administration from time to time. The next meetings are already being planned,” shares Isoherranen.

Travel ABC event in figures

  • 70 contractual suppliers
  • 92 paper aeroplanes
  • 70 balloons
  • 3 workshops
  • 4 mobile polls
  • 5 YouTube videos
  • Hundreds of travel and meeting service experts
  • 1 Perttu Pölönen