Explaining procurement to children

Hansel celebrated the international Bring Your Child to Work Day on 22 November 2019. There was plenty of activity at the office when 15 children between the ages of 4 and 11 arrived. The day focused on conference room Hankinta, but the children were also familiarised with the broader working environment of their parents.

During “Hansel orienteering”, the children toured checkpoints in the office with a map, and the groups were able to answer almost all of the questions posed to them. They found out that the company’s Managing Director is Anssi Pihkala, there are 116 employees in total and that 20 of them are called category managers.

“Twenty Hansel employees are called Category Managers.”

There was also a moment for art when the visitors made season’s greetings cards and drew Hansel’s joint procurement categories on whiteboards. They were able to excellently illustrate IT hardware, travel and meeting services and cleaning services supplies, among others. They spent a long time pondering whether to include hoovers in the latter, but finally decided not to, because they cannot be used without an employee to operate them.

The most tricky question was what the Managing Director does. They rested their brains that were exhausted from all the tasks by taking a walk down the stairs. While doing this, they calculated that there are a total of 108 steps up to the fifth floor of the main post office building. Seeing a limousine was probably the highlight of the luncheon outing. At the end of the day, they watched a movie together, preparing for the weekend ahead.